The therapists’ competence to know when and who to call, is vital.

Primary healthcare does not require any referral, f.i. your GP, physiotherapist, midwife or osteopath. A vital part of primary healthcare service is to detect or rule out any signs of illness that requires a referral. Although the treatment delivered by primary healthcare professionals may be safe, the risk associated with overlooking signs and symptoms of serious illness needs to be taken seriously. The potential harm is not necessarily related to the treatment methods used, but to the practitioner’s diagnostic competence. All primary healthcare professionals must be able to assess and identify relevant signs and symptoms and act accordingly. Failing to do so might cause serious harm to the patient.

All members of the Norwegian Association of Osteopaths are well qualified for being primary healthcare professionals. Without any regulation though, patients risk meeting a practitioner without the necessary expertise. We therefore ask the Norwegian Health Ministry, and other regulating authorities in Europe, to speed up the process of regulating osteopaths. The patients have chosen us, now the authorities must act. Osteopaths, primary healthcare professionals.